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This material is the result of academic and practical background (30 years) in teaching English ( Cláudia Mol ) and music ( Cláudia Mariza ) to children. Pioneers in the work of musicalization for babies and English for very young children in Belo Horizonte, the authors have been working together for 10 years, working with babies from 6 months of age, in the Babies and Sounds course .

Claudia Mol is a pioneer in teaching English to children in BH. She has been teaching English to very young children for 30 years! Owner of Grupo Blue, she has always combined English with music and developed her own methodology for children, Kids and Songs. Hence Babies and Sounds, in partnership with Claudia Mariza.

Cláudia Mariza holds a bachelor's degree in music (piano) from UFMG. She perfected music education by the Kodaly Method in Hungary.
She is a teacher of piano, musicalization and musicalization for babies. Director and founder of Allegretto Educação Musical, since 1995, pioneer school in the work of musicalization for babies in Belo Horizonte. She also acts as a correcting pianist.

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